Astha Vriddhashram

Modern day life style has also ushered in malaise in the form of intolerance of the elderly people in the families.

At Astha, we offer shelter & accommodation to men & women over 60 years, who have either been deserted by their near & dear ones or have themselves decided to join Astha Vriddhajan Sewa Ashram, by choice. As of 1st April 2015, 80 elderly persons are staying in the Vriddhashram. Out of which 41 are men and 39 are women.


  • It is only for men & women over 60 years of age
  • Application forms for admission are available always at Astha Office
  • Admissions are made irrespective of gender, caste, creed, language or religion
  • However, all admission are based on the scrutiny report submitted by N.G.O. i.e. Kalyanmitra Samiti
  • Astha Vriddhajan Sewa Ashram is free for those who have no resources or support
  • Such individuals gain admission on priority basis
  • Pensioners & resourceful persons are considered for admission on donation basis depending upon the availability of seat
  • Persons with contagious or grave ailments are not considered for admission till recovery
  • On entering the Ashram, all inmates/ members are treated as one family and with equal respect. No disparity is shown whatsoever
  • The decision to admit or expel lies solely with the Kalyanmitra Samiti
  • Upon admission, every member is provided an almirah, iron bed, mattress, dari, carpet, linen, blanket, important utensils, clothes for daily wear, etc.
  • Every room has a fan & cooler
  • Daily diet of Ashram members consists of green vegetables, salad, roti, rice & dal
  • A physician comes thrice a week for general check-up of the inmates
  • Serious cases are referred to Indore based Aurobindo Hospital